Document legalision is dependant on the circumstances at hand and in which destination country your document will presented. Exact pricing is not available until you communicate the factual situation to us. In order to find out what you need and for us quote you , please complete the secure online form below to get the exact costs and time estimate. You can use the incorporated facility to upload any documents you would like us to check.

R850 per document
5 - 10 working days (DIRCO Appointment)
Apostille at High Court
One working day
SAPS Police Clearance (from SA or abroad)
15 - 30 business days
R160 Per Document
Notary Copy by Notary Public
15 minutes walk-in service
Certifications (by Commissioner of Oaths)
15 minutes walk-in service.
Embassy Attestations
1 to 6 weeks depending on embassy.
Letter of No Impediment (single or divorced status)
6-8 weeks
Unabridged marriage certificate (or abridged)
6 - 8 Weeks
Surname change (due to marriage or divorce only)
Usually 1-2 weeks
Vault birth or marriage certificate
4 - 12 Weeks
Death certificates
1-8 weeks
Divorce registration Home Affairs
2 Weeks
Divorce Order with case number
1 - 4 Weeks
Settlement Agreement (if exists in the file) added to above price.
R500 per page
Translations of Document (Sworn Translator)
1 - 7 days. Price may differ.
R10 000
Criminal record expungements (Form and criteria)
6 – 8 weeks
We collect-courier or courier from or to a South African address (Courier Guy)
1 - 3 Business Days
We collect-courier or courier from or to an international address (DHL)
2 - 6 Business Days

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be charged any additional embassy fees?

We will quote you on the prevailing Embassy Fees. Fee structures change without notice or are fixed on a daily basis according to currency fluctuations. Although our quotation will be correct 95% of the time the embassy fee portion difference may either be debited or credited to your account. We usually recheck pricing before lodgement and if possible we will requote you if there is a substantial price difference.

Can I get discount for bulk orders?

Customers with three or more documents may qualify for discounted prices.

Notary fees

Notarial Fees do vary and depend on the service level required. Some documents need urgent attention others may need to be legalised by the High Court, Dirco or an Embassy. As with our Notary, many of the Embassies are based in or around Pretoria as such we are able to quickly and arrange for embassy certification if required at an resonable price.

What payments do you accept?

We accept the following payment methods:

  • Cash
  • EFT (Electonic Fund Transfer)
  • All mayor debit or credit cards

Corpotrate Clients Invoice Terms?

We extend favourable payment terms of payment for our registered corporate clients.

Where can I find further instructions?

We will send you detailed payment instructions together with our quotation.