Notarise and ApostiLle Power of Attorney South Africa

Sign Power of Attorney In front of Notary Public. Legalise for use in any country of the world.

We legalise many customer’s Powers of Attorney (POA) for use overseas. Documents being used in another country may need an apostille certificate before they will be accepted.

A POA is a legal document that allows you to appoint another person to act on your behalf. This is commonly used by people in the UK that need someone to represent them in legal matters abroad. For example, if you are buying or selling a house, property, aeroplane or car in another country, you can appoint a lawyer, or another person, to represent you. This means they can act on your wishes without you having to visit the country to sign documents or attend meetings. It can save you considerable time and money.

How to Legalise a Power of Attorney – Step by Step

One of the essential points of a power of attorney is the signing of the document. It must be signed by the person issuing power to someone else and the signing of the document must be ‘witnessed’ by a Notary Public in the South-Africa.
  • Locate a Notary Public
  • Attend the Notary Public's office to attest signature of the POA. Remember to take along you Identity Document or Passport.
  • You sign the document and then the Notary Public attests to your signature on the document with various stamps, separate attestation certificate.
  • The document is presented to the High Court for the Apostille.
  • We legalise the power of attorney and return the document to you.
  • Your POA can now be used overseas.

Why is the document witnessed?

It is important that your signature on the POA is witnessed. A notary should verify your identity and observe you sign the document. They then attest to your signature. This is important to ensure the document has actually been signed by the person issuing the POP for the authority overseas to know the document was actually signed by you.

Where to obtain the Power of Attorney

If a lawyer is acting on your behalf overseas they usually provide you with the POA. The POA should be suitable for the country in which it is used so we recommend that you obtain one in that country. There are basic templates available. We however recommend you check if this POA will be accepted outside of the South-Africa.

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Essentially, a power of attorney (PoA) is a legal document that allows a person to give legal authority to someone else to make decisions and take actions on his or her behalf.

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